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Since the establishment of Discovery Overland Holidays in year 2000, it has been our corporate practice to emphasis on commitment to promoting non-economic social and environment values.  We are committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture while conducting our tourism activities.  We care for public interest by encouraging community growth and development, we care for the nature and wildlife.  It is forbidden for us to conduct our business that harm the local community, nature, wildlife and our surrounding environment.

Our approach of Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Tourism involve 4 main areas:
1.  Community Connections:
We promise to think globally and act locally.  We support regular monitoring of the nearby coral reef, thanks to Berjaya Redang for the Project Aware annually, we support local trishaw puller especially in Penang while conducting our heritage tours, we support non-government aided organization by sponsoring food to the needy, extending out our warm hearts to orphanage home during festive seasons, and many other under privilege homes by organizing various charity drives.

2.  Habitat & Species Protection:
We help to preserve the unique places that we work and live in.  Encouraging wild inhabitants, enhancing habitats, and raising awareness and fund for protection of endanger species, such as the Malayan tigers, sea turtles, orang utans and others.  

In year 2009, we have established our partnership with Orang Utan Appeal UK to help Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.  Donation from our guests will help Sepilok to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually release orangutans back into the rainforest, which helps increase the dwindling numbers and widens the gene pool of the wild orangutan population.

Our guests who wish to make an adoption of Orang Utan in Sepilok will be given an adoption certificate together with orangutan’s photograph and history profile, and the Appeal’s newsletter.

3.  Waste Reduction
Paper, packaging and garbage are a reality of our lives and of any business.  We must consistently cut down on these side-effects of our operations.  While effective waste management comes with challenges, we continue to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.  On the company standpoint, we have been encouraging our team to use re-cycle bag, say no to plastic, and bring our own cups and plates instead of disposable utensils.

Our preferred hotel and resort partners are those that using water treatment plants, wells, or rain water collectors and operating their properties by designing for dual plumbing that recycle water in toilet flushing and subsurface irrigation.  Using bidets will also help eliminate the use of toilet paper.  Waste water can also be minimized by using ultra-low flush toilets and low-flow shower heads. 

4.  Resource Conservation:
To conserve energy, we encourage mass transportation, and generally the rule is “the bigger the better.”  We designed our tours using train as mode of transportation.  When we conduct tours in Sukau area by boat, we encourage our valuable guests to share instead of private arrangement.  This will help on reducing carbon emissions.  Human energy is the most efficient, and hence sustainable.  We have been encouraging our guests to go on walking tours wherever possible.  In our office, we have introduced energy saving bulbs in all possible lighting fixtures, water efficient toilets that have smaller flush capacities and timer controlled usage of air-conditioning systems. 

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