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Mossy Forest Walk
Mosses and liverworts are commonly regarded as useless. Although they do not have direct economic value, they are important in many other respects. They play an important role for the water balance of ecosystems in the forests and bogs by storing large amounts of water. In tropical montane rainforests they function as huge reservoirs, supplying water to the streams and rivers in a balanced manner throughout the year. Mosses and liverworts do not only store water like a sponge but also prevents erosion by fixing the uppermost layer of soil, especially in steep slopes. Just like every organism, mosses and liverworts have certain functions in the ecosystems such as providing micro-habitats for small animals, germination of seeds or food for certain beetles.

This 2 hours walk to Gunung Brinchang at 6,666ft. above sea level will allow you to discover how the mossy forest plays its part in providing us with the water upon which we depend on water that is clean and mountain fresh. The return journey will take us through carpets of manicured tea bushes where some of the best black tea is produced. After a guided tour to the processing factory, refreshments will be served at the Boh tea house.

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