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Malaysian Food is not one particular distinction of food but a culinary diversity originating from it's multi-ethnic population of Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Chinese, Nyonya and the Indigenous peoples of Borneo.  A brief look into the past and how this multi-ethnic country came to be, is essential in order to comprehend how such a cosmic array of food, has now come to be known all over the world as 'Malaysian Food'. Presented here are some of the various delicious and popular restaurant from this rainbow of gastronomic spectrum, from each unique ethnic kitchen. 

Restaurant : Songket Restaurant  


Location : Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur  
Descriptions : Given the rich tradition and luxury associated with songket, you are invited to Songket Restaurant & Bar, an authentic Malay cuisine restaurant with a modern twist. We focus on outstanding Malay food with only the freshest ingredients in an elegant restaurant with a sophisticated ambience. At Songket, we delight our guests with a menu inspired from traditional Malay specialties, live traditional Malay entertainment, and luxurious songket from some of Malaysia's most notable states.

Songket Restaurant is strategically located at No. 29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur - a short stroll from the iconic Kuala Lumpur City Centre with the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers. 

 Restaurant : Bijan Bar & Restaurant     null
 Locations : Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur  
 Descriptions :

Bijan (bee-jahn) n. 1. Malay for sesame 2. a modern restaurant that specialises in fine Malay cuisine.

Bijan opened its doors in September 2003 to offer a unique dining experience to discerning palates. The Bijan experience is modern in presentation yet wholesome in flavour. Traditional Malay cuisine is taken out of hawker stalls and buffet lines, and served against a lush backdrop. Modern in its surroundings with distinctive Asian accents, Bijan is warm, yet chic; intimate yet spacious.

At Bijan restaurant, we are innovating ways of enjoying Malay food, introducing accompanying wine to enhance flavours and ways of preparing local delicacies in a fine balance of old and new. Our dishes are a mix of recipes handed down over the generations and innovations of the real thing, to produce forgotten favourites and delicious new flavours and textures.

Located a mere stone throw’s away from KLCC and Bukit Bintang, Bijan is the ultimate destination for fine Malay cuisine. It is an oasis where you can unwind with a cool glass of wine while the food remains deliciously and unmistakably Malay. Enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the terrace while sampling our delicate canapés. On weekdays try our Nasi Hidang, an innovative concept that allows diners to sample a wide variety of dishes on a small budget over lunch.

Bijan restaurant won Best Malay Restaurant in 2004, just a year after we opened. We can also be found in Malaysia Tatler’s Top 100 Restaurants, The Lonely Planet Guide to Malaysia, The Miele Guide to just name a few.

 Restraurant : Tamarind Springs    null
 Locations : Taman T.A.R., Ampang  
 Descirptions : Tamarind Springs is best described as 'an immediately accessinle respite to restore soul into your exhausted self'. Only 15 minutes drive from town, disembark upon nature's gateway into a visual and sensory feast. Having won many industry accolades and topped many gastronomes' scoreboards, Tamarind Springs is also renowned for its lush sensuous appeal.  
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